establishes the University of the Trees in a region

The main forum creates a 'space' in the world, and in the imagination, for working with the trees as our teachers

The University of the Trees kit contains bands for creating the main forum. 

Between 7 and 12 bands are used, depending on the size of the area envisaged as the main forum.

The size of the area may vary from one woods or forest, to a number of forests spanning an entire region.

This depends on whether a regional group wishes to establish a visible main forum in one area as a means of concentrating its energies or whether the University of the Trees in a particular region can only be encompassed in its entirety on a map and in the imagination. 

The main forum of the UoT in a region is determined by the University of the Trees group in each area.

The bands are placed on the trees above eye level, just out of the reach of a tall adult. The bands are made of pure wool felt awith yellow-gold lettering and wrap around the bark of the tree. They are protected with lanolin or latex.  

The main forum kit also contains one or more wooden wedges.

Each wedge holds a small UoT booklet, for agreeing what questions, thoughts and actions to take forward to the next UoT meeting. 

close up of wedge and booklet

Members of the core group in each region take responsbility for these wedges and use them as democratic decision making 'instruments' at the end of the main forum discussion processes.