University of the Trees has been hosted and supported since 2005 by the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World (CCANW) with funding from the Arts Council of England. Funding from CCANW has supported the development of Phase 1 of the project- including the initial structuring of the web-platform and the instruments that constitute the University of the Trees kit. 

In Germany (Darmstadt) University of the Trees has been hosted and supported by Atelierhaus Vahle since November 2005 and by contributions from the network of individuals actively involved in the project.

Additional financial support has come from the Social Sculpture Research Unit's Earth Agenda project and from Caroline Tisdall, who is both patron and participant in the project.

UOT-Oxford is being supported in the intial phase of it development by funds from the Cultural Olympiad -CCI. The CCI in this region is being co-ordinated

UOT-Bonn is being supported by the Kunst im Dialog and the Art sections of Alanus University, Alfter.

Numerous other individuals in the UK, Germany and India have contributed to the project in various ways: translating materials, documenting meetings, discussing proposals, contributing to seminars and symposia, organising events and hosting gatherings.