The kit provides a set of instruments to start a University of the Trees group in your region.

This kit has been designed to include methods and instruments that will give University of the Trees participants a sense of what is meant by developing new organs of perception, and the significance such alternative forms of knowing can have for our actions, in relation to forests and trees in particular, and our work toward an ecologically viable future, in a wider sense.




For creating the 'main forum' of the University of the Trees. The 'main forum' is both a work-place for the group, and a venue for University of the Trees programmes and events 

2     A PROJECT 'MAP' 
This includes:  the ethos; ways of working in the 'main forum' and shaping the meetings; the importance of forming and building a group; the different kinds of 'instruments' and 'mobile labs' and their purpose; some thoughts on and approaches to developing 'new organs of perception'

  3     A WEDGE 

For use after main forum meetings. The wedge is used for keeping questions open and for the person who agrees to keep it until the mext meeting to take resonsibility for holding and returning to the question. 

  4     A LEAFLET

On shaping a seminar or symposium as a connective practice. The wedges are one example of a connective practice instrument for seminars.

  5     A KIT BAG

The kit bag contains the 'main forum' bands, a wedge, the project map, a leaflet and replacement booklets for the wedge. Text echoing the bands remains once the bands have been placed on the trees. The opened out kit acan then be hung and laid out to create an indoor meeting place after working in the trees. 

Optional and additional parts of KIT (MOBILE LABS)

1     TREE SLINGS and booklets : [MOBILE LAB 1]

2     IN-SIGHT LABS:  [MOBILE LAB 2]                                           (Instrument inspired by Johanna Korndorfer-Exeter Group) 

3     A SET OF WEDGES - for highlighting the decision making process in social sculpture symposia

4     GOLDEN TREE MANTLES:  arenas for group meetings

5     AN OBJECT FOR DISCUSSION : A toilet roll and booklet



SET OF TREE BANDS for creating the 'main forum'

The University of the Trees kit contains bands for creating the main forum.
Between 7 and 12 bands are used, depending on the size of the area envisaged as the main forum.

The size of the area may vary from one woodland or forest, to a number of forests spanning an entire region.
This depends on whether a regional group wishes to establish:

a visible main forum in one area as a means of concentrating its energies


whether the University of the Trees in a particular region can only be seen in its entirety on a map and in the imagination.


The main forum of the University of the Trees in a region is determined by the University of the Trees group in each area.

The bands are placed on the trees above eye level, just out of the reach of a tall adult.

The bands are made of pure wool felt awith yellow-gold lettering and wrap around the bark of the tree.
They are protected with lanolin or latex.



Each wedge holds a small UoT booklet, for agreeing what questions, thoughts and actions to take forward to the next UoT meeting.


Images and further details of all aspects of the KIT - coming soon.