Participation in University of the Trees

Drawing by Joseph Nash

1.  Is University of the Trees open to the general public?

Yes, it is open to all individuals and groups that share and commit themselves to the ethos of the project; who are willing to work with others and to look for transformative opportunities amidst difficulties; who are interested in the relationship of inner and outer work;  and the relationship between consciousness and an ecologically viable future.

Acquiring the University of the Trees kit 

1.How does one acquire a University of the Trees kit?

One or more people from a region anywhere in the world contact the University of the Trees core group. If the new group is in agreement with the ethos of the project, a basic kit will then be sent to this group.

2. Do groups need to pay for the kit?

Yes, the costs of producing and posting the basic kit need to be covered. However, it is hoped that groups will be able to get some sponsorship for this in their own region. Another possibility is that members of the group might even decide to make individual cotributions to fund this themselves. If a group cannot get sufficient funding for the basic kit, they should discuss this with the University of the Trees coordinating team.

Membership of a University of the Trees group

1. Can organisations be members of University of the Trees?  

Yes. All individuals or groups committed to the ethos and issues that concern the University of the Trees are invited. However, there needs to be carefull discussion at a local group level about the nature of each organisations' involvement, and just what kind of voice they will have when it comes to making decisions. 

Financial contributions 

1. Does it cost anything to become a member of University of the Trees?

No. However, because each local/regional group decides what work it will do and how it will fund its work, including acquiring the University of the Trees 'starter kit', it will need to consider raising and/or generating some funding.  

Commitment to the Project

1. Does the University of the Trees require making a specific commitment?

There is no fixed period of involvement, however, this whole project is about developing and sustaining commitment, even when it gets tough.