Financial contributions: one off or regular contributions to a regional group - to fund public forums, events, travel to meetings. Contributions could also be made to finance the development of new 'instruments of consciousness' and 'mobile labs' approriate to a particular region. Contributions are also required for the maintaince and development of the web-platform that serves and links all the groups.

Contribution of materials and skills: new 'instruments' and 'mobile labs' need people to make them and materials to produce them. For example: A specially constructed UoT meetings tent might be necessary in one or more of the regions. 

Coordinating Blogs: Each region will have blog space available on this site. Each blog needs a blog coordinator. This does not require very developed IT skills, but rather time to read emails and input contributions from regional members, and to keep details of events and meetings up to date.

Documentation: It is great to have images, short texts and sometimes audio recordings of events that can later be used on the web, or for other purposes in the region. 

Writing: A UoT group in a particular region might need press releases, leaflets, and other texts about its work. It is also useful to have reflective texts on the processes in different regions and on the project as a whole. These might be used on the UoT site or as articles in journals and in other contexts.

If you would like to support University of the Trees in any of the ways outlined above, please write us an e-mail.

Write OTHER FORMS OF SUPPORT at the beginning of your message. 

University of the Trees Cooordinating Team